Through the eyes of a child

Finally! Finally the festival has started and my blogging crew was all set to start workin on it. Before I start, let me introduce to you my crew; 4 fine kids of the age from 14-16 – Rubina, Sofia, Vardges and Robert. They are my main duty during this festival and today it apeared that they also can provide me with the insiration for blog posts, so today my article is dedicated to them.

As I said, they are all teenagers. Some of them have some experience of blogging, some of them don’t but what really unites them is the pure enthusiasm and open mindness. Let me tell you about an episode that I witnessed today.

We were in the hotel where all the guests were hosted and my crew got introduced to the other participants, in particular, to those who are of the same age group. I can’t describe you how open hearthed and positive was their contact especially with Turkish kids and what is even more amazing that this positive athmosphere was absolutely mutual.

I remembered my childhood when the hater towerds Turks and Azeries were crossing our lifes as a red line and a lot of kids didn’t feel any difference between these two nations. It was partially because of the war, partially because of genetical memory, and partially it was simply a result of absolute lack of communication with the counterparts. However, it is very inspiring and hopeful that the new generation on both sides seem to be free of negative stereotipes and missperceptions.

So I can conclude that the fest is already successful for me because of this episode and I’m sure it will provide with more episods that will insire elders to be better people and from time to time observe this life through the eyes of a child.

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