Through obstacles and earthquaqes

Day after day my crew of young bloggers wonders me. Today we had a really hursh schedule because of the big amount of events and it was really a challange to manage to be through all of these places. However my crew appeared to be very mobile and effective and we managed to be through all of te planned events and even an earthquaqe that happened today in Yerevan was not able to stop and slow us!

Through the eyes of a child

Finally! Finally the festival has started and my blogging crew was all set to start workin on it. Before I start, let me introduce to you my crew; 4 fine kids of the age from 14-16 – Rubina, Sofia, Vardges and Robert. They are my main duty during this festival and today it apeared that they also can provide me with the insiration for blog posts, so today my article is dedicated to them. Continue reading